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The company “A. KARTELIAS” was established in 1968. Since then the company has grown in a very fast pace according to the needs of modern competition. The further need for development and modernization led; in 1981; to the creation of the up to date facilities in the area of Peristeri which one can find until today. In addition to the company’s investment in technical know-how and mechanical equipment the company has crowned its European progress by changing its name to “AL. KARTELIAS plastic & Metal.”

Our company is specializing in the production and distribution of:

Plastic products and its derivatives

Objects of metallic texture from tape


All our products are produced by up to date Injection with PLC machines.This way we ensure the flexibility and prompt adaptability to any customer needs -including those that are special and/or time constrained. In the provided services the construction of dies made of machines with CNC technology, which provide a noticeable price versus cost relation, is included.